When You Should See A Foot Specialist?


Foot specialists specialize in just matters of the feet. This means when you have foot issues, you're better off going to a foot doctor, as opposed to going to a family physician, for help with your issue. If you go to your family doctor, you may have a longer period of time to figure out what exactly is wrong with your feet, and may ultimately be sent to a podiatrist anyway.

29 January 2021

Got Blisters? What You Can Do About It


Small pockets of fluid, which are known as blisters, can form on your feet, and they can be incredibly painful. These blisters can be caused by a number of things, such as burns, friction, contact with irritants, and autoimmune conditions. With treatment of these blisters, you can heal them, alleviate the pain you are experiencing, and prevent possible infections. Keep reading to learn what you need to do when blisters are constantly popping up on your feet.

23 July 2020

What To Expect With Bunion Surgery


A bunion is a painful foot condition that occurs when the side of the foot rubs or is squished in shoes that aren't properly fitting. The side of the big toe forms a bony bump near the joint that can be very painful. The bunion is usually red on the outside of the foot and can cause your shoes to be even more ill-fitting. This condition can cause a deformity of the big toe and push it into the next toe.

2 September 2019

Foot Care Tips For Your Child


You do what you can to protect your own feet and do what needs to be done in order to heal your feet, but how often do you look at your child's feet? Your child could have athlete's foot and other foot fungus, blisters, peeling feet or other issues. Read on for tips to care for your child's feet. Be Sure Shoes Fit Properly You know when your shoes don't fit just right, but your child may not understand this.

24 January 2019

Have A Foot Fungus That Won't Go Away? See An Expert And Try The Newest Treatment Options


If you have had a problem treating a foot fungus and you aren't able to get rid of it, even with the help of a prescription, it's time to seek the help of a podiatrist. Here are some of the things for you to inquire about at your appointment, to make sure that you are trying everything possible to get rid of the fungus or infection. Here are some of the things that could work for you.

17 October 2018

Foot Wound Care For Diabetics


One of the problems diabetics have is slow healing wounds. Another problem is peripheral neuropathy. When you combine the two, it is common for someone with diabetes to get a cut or wound on their feet that they do not notice until it has become infected. This is the main reason diabetics end up having toes or feet amputated and is the reason foot wound care is of the utmost importance.

31 July 2018

3 Questions About Diabetic Foot Issues


Foot problems can be a devastating issue for a patient to experience. This is particularly true for those that must spend long hours on their feet. Due to these reasons, you should have a thorough understanding of these problems and the steps that are needed to minimize the issues you experience. This is especially important for diabetic patients that are suffering from foot wounds. 1. Why Are Wounds On Diabetic Patients' Feet More Difficult To Heal?

9 April 2018